Alexa radio release “Dame tu amor”

A preview of her new musical production.
“Dame Tu Amor”, main theme from the popular soap novel ‘Las muñecas de la Mafia” with which the singer Alexa ventures back into the radio. The urban performer finds herself in the final phase of her new album, recorded in Santo Domingo and Miami, which will soon be released in a meeting being held with the radio organizers, art journalists, broadcasters and disc-jockeys as well.
“Dame Tu Amor” is the new musical outpost production of Alexa, which is considered beforehand by the consulted  experts as the best Dominican artist has done in recent times.
In this very same production there are involved leading composers and arrangers of urban music, both at home and abroad.

‘ Las Muñecas de la Mafia” points the reality of women who pledged their word and honor in order to enjoy an easy life, along with ‘Muelle”, which currently issue is debated in countries like the Dominican Republic but it is equally effective in other Latin American nations.

Her song ”Dame tu Amor” focuses and summarizes the plot of the popular novel in letters of composers Nicolas Uribe, Oliver Camargo and Liliana Saumet, with an excellent arrangement of the Dominican Victor Waill and a brilliant interpretation of Alexa .. . just Alexa.