The Peravia province, Bani, located in the fascinating South Coast of the Dominican Republic, gives us the great talent and rhythmic pulse of Alexa.

The grace of the Caribbean woman is join up so its unique and exceptional style captures the audience, as if she was an ebony goddess.

Since her early years, she showed up and revealed a life developed inside stages, from her homeland and Europe later on.
Alexa was born on the twentieth-sixth day of February.
Her father, Isidro Lara, was a prominent musician (accordion). It was from her mother
(Dinorah Mejia) of whom she inherited that sex appeal which flows in each of her appearances.

Alexa does not neglect the academic training and along with her molding in music, she studies languages and earns a Degree in Business Administration.  Fluent in German and French among others, and in 2000, takes singing lessons with Barbara Mezaros (Hungarian), and Maria Rémola (Cuban).
She also took acting, dancing and speech lessons.

In 2004 she recorded her first album, entitled “ Súbeme la Música” ( Turn on the music), arranged by Hendry Zalsuela. This production contains a successful variant of the songs “San Kon Sa” and
“Súbeme la Música” which was played insistently on the radio all over the Country, performing at the major television shows, including special appearances at the Latin TV Network at USA.

By 2006 she records her second music album entitled “me estás quemando’, which highlights the theme song of the same name.

At the beginning of 2008 she was conducting activities in Europe, especially in Zurich, where she was on tour, participating in the Salsa Festival as well as performances in several places including the
Resort Clauser Hotel, in the city of Glarus.

In 2009, the album “El Boom” is released. It’s Alexa’s third album, composed by Roy Tavaré, a Dominican Composer settled in Miami, Florida. This event rethinks the artist’s career, since it sections, gives shape and defines her pitch for the urban genre, based on a series of mergers which achieves

a remarkable musical nuance. The production also features the hits “El Boom, ‘Rompe Bumper’, “Cuerpo del Deseo,” “La Danza” and “Enamorada”.

Year 2010 continues with a big pack of great achievements and outstanding results for Alexa, from the release of ”Dame Tu Amor,’ the main theme of the popular soap opera” Las muñecas de la Mafia” as part of her 4th Album, to be released by 2011, featuring music of Eddy Perez, Daniel Santa Cruz
with arrangements by Victor Waill.  “Dame Tu Amor”  became a true musical hymn,
reaching a widespread broadcast all over the Dominican radio, allowing to boost the Alexa image to levels never achieved before.

Illustrated by the fact that the Dominican Association of Disc Jockeys granted her the award to the Artist of the Moment, a ceremony broadcasted across the TV Show “El Show del Medio Día de Color Vision”.

Likewise, the ‘Musicians, Singers and Dancers” Association (Amucaba), awarded Alexa with the Medal of Merit for her outstanding path career.

These sort of events represents vital steps whom the Alexa Artistic Career is anchored above a solid ground, with firm steps and eyes focused all over the top.